Crafty Clinic

In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, where we are pushed to capitalise on all our passions and focus on productivity rather than enjoyment, we want to invite you to carve time for yourself and to reconnect with your creativity without constraints: welcome to our creative clinic.

The Crafty Clinic is a 6-week journey designed especially for the tired souls, the “want more creativity in my life” people, the lone artists. It is an intimate opportunity for you to find time again (or for the first time) for making and playing, not only learning new skills but also nurturing your mental well-being. Participants are limited to 25 for an intimate, dedicated community.


Why The Crafty Clinic?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we know how easy it is to forget to nurture your creative soul. The Crafty Clinic is born out of a deep understanding that creative expression is not just a luxury, it’s a fundamental aspect of self-care. Through this series, we aim to provide a space where you can find the joy of crafting again, immersing yourself in new techniques and connecting with new people on the same journey prioritising reflection, relaxation, and personal growth.

We want you to rediscover the joy of making as you engage in a variety of crafting projects curated to stimulate your imagination and support your creative healing. Crafting is such a powerful mindfulness tool: each session is designed to be a meditative experience, allowing you to focus on the present moment, reduce stress, and enhance your overall mental well-being.

The Crafty Clinic is an intimate series with only 25 spaces available. We have decided to cap numbers because we want to ensure a sense of community and connection amongst our participants. Our experienced facilitators bring not only technical expertise but also a passion for nurturing creativity. Each workshop provides you with tangible, handmade creations that serve as a reminder of your journey through the clinic. Take home not just skills, but also beautiful objects that will inspire you after the journey is over.

The Crafty Clinic is your invitation to invest in yourself. Allow this series to be a sanctuary where you prioritise self-care, cultivate resilience, and embrace the power of crafting.


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Week 1 (Thursday 2nd May, 6PM – 8PM)

We will start our journey by setting your creative intentions through creating a small publication or zine. This will be our starting point, our diary. We will use collage, writing and drawing, it will be the perfect opportunity to set the stage for our 6 weeks together. This session is also when you’ll get to meet your fellow participants: you’ll have a chance to share insights, exchange ideas, and witness the diverse interpretations of creative intentions within the community.

Week 2 (Thursday 9th May, 6PM – 8PM)

We will be drawing, but not the kind of drawing you’re used to! You are going to explore various techniques and styles with our facilitator, but most importantly PLAY with a media that has been co-opted into a judgement-heavy art form. Don’t worry, this isn’t school! You’re welcome to draw any way you like and you’ll receive all the help you need. This workshop is not about right or wrong, it’s about expression, experimentation, and the joy of making without the fear of critique. Embrace the freedom to draw in any way that feels authentic to you!

Week 3 (Thursday 16th May, 6PM – 8PM)

This is a free movement session, designed to be a space of liberation and self-discovery. This is not a dance class with strict rules or a reformer pilates class where you’re going to sweat your butt off, instead, it’s an opportunity for you to connect with your body, release tension, and express yourself organically through movement. The session’s aim is to connect your body and mind: remember this is a holistic experience! We will end the workshop with a creative debrief to open up creativity and be ready for our next session.

Week 4 (Thursday 23rd May, 6PM – 8PM)

This week we’ll be making clay tokens: this session is an exploration of the things that bring us happiness. We love working with clay: your facilitator will guide you through the process of shaping, moulding and decorating. We’ll take a moment to reflect on a specific prompt or intention for your clay token. It could be your favourite food, a cherished shape, an animal that brings you joy, or any little thing that holds significance in your life.

Week 5 (Thursday 30th May, 6PM – 8PM)

Over the course of the Clinic, you will be invited to curate a collection of significant small items that resonate with you. These could be small trinkets, meaningful notes, or tiny objects that carry personal memories and reflections from your creative journey. We’ll be repurposing recycled glass jars, fabric and paper to create portable shrines. This will be a personalised sanctuary that captures the essence of the clinic’s creative exploration and it will serve as a reflection of your growth and hopefully as a source of inspiration after the clinic.

Week 6 (Thursday 6th June, 6PM – 8PM)

We will end the series with a creative mind mapping and writing session. This session is not just about reflection: we will think about how you will continue to make space for creativity beyond the clinic. Let’s celebrate the journey we’ve taken together and set the stage for a future filled with ongoing artistic and crafty fun!